Wrecking Balm

This is my story of how Wrecking Balm saved me from a world of regret for the rest of my life.

I was young and dumb.  I thought that I had met the girl who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and no better thing then to prove this then to Tattoo her name on me.  Boy, was I in for a big surprise!

When school ended I did my best to stay in touch with her but quickly found myself getting her voice mail more then I should have been.   From a usual conversation a day went to a conversation a month, if I was lucky. Thank god I found wrecking balm and was able to remove this terrible mistake from my life. Now when my new girlfriend sees me with my shirt off I do not have to worry about her reading my ex’s name.

So if you are like me and have made a bad decision with a tattoo I strongly suggest that you give wrecking balm a try! I know that it has helped me and can do the same for you. Now I do not have to go through life knowing that the person who I cared for the most (and turned out to be a major A-Hole) is tattooed on me for the rest of my life.