Laser Removal Costs

Getting a tattoo was cheap compared to what it’s going to cost you to get it removed with a laser. If you want to get the tattoo removed because it’s a name or just a picture / design that you do not like, but you would not mind having another tattoo in the same spot – speak with your tattoo artist and ask him if he has cover up experience and to show you some examples of his work, if not take our your wallet and dig deep.

Laser tattoo removal costs can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars per session up to a few thousand dollars per session & unless you are extremely lucky and your insurance will pay for it, its going to come out of your pocket. We have heard of people in the military being able to get tattoos removed for free, so that is always another option, serving your country in exchange for the removal of your ex’s name.

If you have gotten a tattoo when you were younger or if you are still young and realized that getting a tattoo with your gang affiliation turns out to be dumb when you go in for an interview and have “19th street killahz” tattooed on your hand and for some strange reason you do not get the job – this could be an option. Some local organizations in urban areas will actually get your tattoo removed for free - through the work of some generous doctors.