Nice Tramp Stamp

by admin on November 10, 2008

Nothing says “Thank you, Mom & Dad for raising me!”, then a tattoo of two girls licking on some dudes love stick - hidden to look like a butterfly (just to make sure we try and keep it classy).

I guess I am just in a bit of shock that someone would get this as a tramp stamp - but hey I guess they are called tramp stamps for a reason.

We dedicate this tramp stamp to all you ladies out there that love nothing more then to slob a nob with one of your close girlfriends and are not at all scared to display this passion on your lower back!

Do you know someone with a nice tramp stamp that you feel should be shown off to the world? Then please by all means drop us an email at piecewiththeicing at gmail dot com and we will be happy to share your pic with all of our readers.

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